Physical Therapist Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for physical therapists

Physical Therapist Appointment SoftwareAccidents and injuries are a part of life.  Some may be minor injuries that we can recover from in a short time, while others may be major injuries that may cause long-term complications.  Finding the right physical therapy clinic is important for long-term recovery and growth.  Physical Therapists help people of all ages who suffer from physical problems like back and neck injuries, sprains, arthritis, strokes or cerebral palsy and other conditions.  Patients who suffer from these ailments may be in pain and have lost full range of muscle coordination.  A Physical Therapist motivates their patient during rehabilitation and gives them hope to regain movement and manage their pain.  Patients who lose motion learn and perform the treatments physical therapists provide.

Try GigaBook’s Physical Therapist Appointment Software

By using GigaBook you can expand the reach of your physical therapy practice and improve the organization of your healthcare business.  GigaBook’s To-do list function will allow you to create treatment plans that you can give to your patients to help them gain strength and mobility.  GigaBook facilitates online bookings, so your patients can set appointments while you are busy.  It can manage and reschedule any appointments made, and it can notify both the patient and therapist of the changes made.  You can receive notifications and reminders via text and email when bookings are made.  You can also set reoccurring appointments for your patients.  Using GigaBook will save you time and money in managing your business so you can focus on rehabilitating your patients and enabling them to live happy productive lives.


By implementing the GigaBook scheduling software, you will be able to:

  • Accept appointments from your website or create a unique booking site.
  • Easily schedule call in appointments through the browser-based access.
  • Send text and email notifications when appointments are made.
  • Send email and text reminders as the appointment approaches.
  • Quickly reschedule appointments and notify clients about the change.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Decrease no-shows and cancellations through email and text communications.
  • Convert website visitors into appointments.