Private Investigator Appointment Software

Private investigator booking software for P.I. businesses

Private Investigator Appointment Software

As a Private Investigator, you are consistently on your phone or laptop, alway working, always on the clock; but you still never have a free minute. Meeting with current clients or future clients takes up a lot of time, but trying to schedule appointments with those people take up almost at much! Gigabook is here to help. We can turn your current website into a real-time booking website in moments. With Gigabook you can start taking appointments automatically online and never be distracted during an important event again! Gigabook can also send out text message or emails to remind your clients about any upcoming appointments or events. You will become more efficient and maximize profits!

Try Gigabook’s Private Investigator Appointment Software

With Gigabook Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • Starting today you can start taking appointments online through your current website
  • Automatically send emails and text messages as reminders to your appointments
  • Automatically send reminders to yourself so you never miss an appointment again
  • You can set up any recurring appointments by just a click

Do you have friends or acquaintances that want to learn your tips and tricks? Would they like to make a profession out of this like you? With Gigabook’s Group Booking Tool you can set up classes and clinics so they can learn the trade. Everything can be changed to fit your business, and it is as easy as copy and pasting into your website.

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective appointment and calendar management:

  • You can decrease the number of no-shows with the reminders feature
  • Increased retention rate and conversion rate so you see the most number of clients
  • Maximize revenue by reducing time spent on overall scheduling and other related tasks

You can start taking real-time bookings through your current website today!