Professional Organizer Appointment Software

Online appointment setting software ideal for personal or professional organizer businesses


Professional Organizer Appointment SoftwareWho couldn’t use more organization to their life?  We sometimes think we’ve got a handle on how well things are going—home, work, personal—but oftentimes realize we don’t exactly have the handle on it that we thought.  Sometimes when our home or our personal life is organized, there’s a sense of peace and simplicity that envelopes us.  Why wait for the first of the year to start some sort of plan to get organized.  Hire a professional organizer and get started!

Even a professional organizer can use a tremendous tool such as GigaBook to assist the business in running smoothly.  To-Do lists keep track of tasks and are visible for all to see.  Clients can schedule appointments online so that when the business owner is out of the office, there are no missed opportunities.  Reminders are sent via text or email so no-shows don’t happen.  Online booking is a great form of communication because no one wants to spend a lot of unnecessary time on the phone—your attention is kept on your clients, where it should be.

Try GigaBook’s Professional Organizer Appointment Software

GigaBook can help you by:

  • Setting up an account is quick and easy
  • Creating custom forms to collect information during booking
  • Taking payments via Stripe, Braintree, PayPal or
  • Using our booking applications with popular site builders
  • Integrating with Quickbooks
  • GigaBook is used on phones, tablets, mobile devices or desktop and laptop computers