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QR codes are small black squares used to create a 2D scannable image, similar to a bar code. QR stands for quick response and the codes can be scanned on devices such as a smart phone or tablet.  They can contain a wide variety of information from a web site URL to wifi access. Different content can trigger actions on the device scanning them. So, for example, scanning a QR code can take you to a website on your iPhone.

A QR code can pack large amounts of information into a small space. They are useful for a range of different purposes: they enhance marketing and speed up business. You can add contact details so people can easily get in touch with you and it will promote your online presence. The GigaBook QR Code generator allows you to create several different codes including a plain text message, triggering a website URL, telephone numbers, contact cards, SMS, Geolocation maps, WIFI Access details, Skype or FaceTime connections and it can embed PayPal product and price information in addition to triggering loading payment options on Paypal.  Try the GigaBook QE Code Generator and bring your business into the 21st century. Impress clients with your technical prowess and mastery of simple but impactful technological advances that will compliment your online business.

The QR Code generator is just one of over 40 web development tools that are offered freely by GigaBook. Sign up today for a free trial and see what we can do to meet your business needs!

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QR Code Generator