Rock Music Lesson Scheduling Software

Online scheduling software ideal for rock music lesson scheduling

At some point in their lives, children—and probably adults as well—have listened to their favorite rock group and have the desire that they want to play just like them.  Or play as part of a rock group.  Regardless, they’ve got the bug and they’ve decided to take lessons so they can be the next latest and greatest.  As a rock music instructor, GigaBook will be the best investment you make to keep your business well-organized and running smoothly.

GigaBook is an online booking software that does so much more than simply letting your students schedule their appointments on your website.  Since you’re typically working off a lesson plan and curriculum for each individual student, setting up to-do lists will keep you and your students on track.  Whether you’re working out of your home, or traveling to an elementary, middle or high school, GigaBook serves as your 24/7 employee, letting students schedule appointments while you’re away from your office.  No missed opportunities!  Notifications and reminders are sent to both you and your students so everyone stays on the same page.  If you teach one-on-one, or groups of students, GigaBook can easily schedule either.

Try GigaBook’s Rock Music Lesson Scheduling Software

Use GigaBook to:

  • Sync to all calendars, including iCloud, Outlook or Google
  • Take payments through Stripe, Braintree,, or PayPal
  • Optional online rescheduling and cancelation for your students
  • Customize reports to keep track of student’s progress
  • Setting up an account is quick and easy