Scheduling Software for Small Businesses

Online scheduling software for small business owners

Scheduling Software for Small BusinessesWhen it comes to small business, staying efficient, saving time, reducing costs and growing the business are all of the utmost importance. Taking the time to make sure the business is running like a well-oiled machine now means a larger and faster-growing business in the future.

Enter a great scheduling software for small business:

A do-it-all scheduling software will assist you in eliminating the redundancy that often comes with everyday business life. With the ability to automate data collection, you can rest easy knowing the information is accurate and complete. This frees up time, reduces labor costs and ensures client satisfaction in the future.

Managing multiple deadlines and attending meetings can be very time-consuming, so why not free up as much time as possible? By using a scheduling software like GigaBook, you’re able to accept appointments and stay on-task throughout the day. Your calendar will also sync with third-party calendars like Outlook and Google Calendar. This not only happens in real-time, but it takes away the possibility of double-bookings.

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Once a meeting is scheduled, you are able to send notifications and reminders through text and email to clients and staff alike. This results in fewer no-show appointments, more client engagement and more fluidity among staff.

Additionally, accepting payment becomes a breeze as clients can also pay invoices through your website without you or your staff have to do anything. Scheduling software allows you to decide when the invoices are sent, who they’re sent to and allows you to track the status throughout the process. This will free up time and avoid any unnecessary confusion among your staff.

With GigaBook scheduling software, you can:

  • Collect and update accurate information
  • Accept appointments through your already-existing website
  • Sync with and update third-party calendars in real-time
  • Send notifications and reminders through text and email
  • Send and monitor invoices
  • Much more…

Get started today! Try GigaBook’s appointment scheduling software with a free with a 14-day trial and see what it can do for you!