Scheduling Software for Training Sessions

Schedule individual or group training sessions

GigaBook(300)Training sessions can be extremely difficult to organize and maintain any level of structure. Due to the ever-changing nature, any help with training sessions is always greatly appreciated. Training sessions with large numbers of participants can be virtually impossible to keep organized as new registrants and cancellations are constantly changing the outlook of each session. With all this ever-changing data, technology can greatly improve the ability to maintain organization through this chaotic process.

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Implementing software like GigaBook can create an affordable solution to help manage the creation of any training session no matter how large or small. GigaBook will provide each separate session with the ability to add a maximum and minimum capacity. In addition, GigaBook will allow many other benefits for scheduling complicated and simple training sessions:

  • Send automated training session notifications and reminders via email and text
  • Customize the content of email and text notifications/reminders
  • Use integrated to do lists to keep up on all lingering tasks
  • Make promotional emails to keep attendees engaged
  • View daily, weekly or monthly calendars
  • Search all past, present and future trainings
  • Updated client interaction with the click of a button
  • Manage all information from a dashboard that shows all pertinent information in one spot


GigaBook offers a free 14-day trial to all new users. By simply registering your business and contact information, all the power of GigaBook will be at your fingertips. Each free trial contains absolutely no payment obligation. At the end of the trail, the option to subscribe will be provided to each user.

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