Security Guard Booking Software

Online booking platform ideal for security guard contracting businesses

Security Guard Booking SoftwareSecurity may need to be rented for special occasions, venues, celebrities, the wealthy, or victims of abuse or threats. As a security contractor, you may offer different levels of security as well, with a range of experience in the security detail ranging from bodyguard to entourage to secret service. Your clients should also have an easy and modern way of booking your services with online booking.

Your website already explains the experience and descriptions of security levels you provide, so why not let your clients book right there on the spot. GigaBook can show the availability security you can provide, as well as allowing online booking with any computer or mobile device.

Try GigaBook’s Security Guard Booking Software

GigaBook can provide many useful tools for your security protective services, such as:

  • Online payments taken at time of booking
  • Customized invoices can be emailed and paid online
  • An exportable client list automatically updated with all online bookings
  • Custom booking forms can be made to gather all needed information
  • A to-do list to keep internal business practices organized and efficient

Try out a free trial of GigaBook today, and see how it can help your business become more efficient so you can focus on protection.