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Send your clients promotional emails easily when you use GigaBook

Client Promotion EmailsIf you have ever talked to a business owner, you know one of the most important achievements is a repeat customer. Whether product or service based, there is no high compliment than an individual returning to spend his/her hard-earned money with your establishment. This is the highest form of validation for a business owner; however, many owners miss the most important step to help increase repeat customers — you MUST engage your customers.

Engaging your customers keeps your business in their mind even when your service or product might not be needed. This process will make sure your business becomes their first thought the second your business becomes relevant to their lives again. Once their initial transaction has been completed, their emotional attachment to your business slowly fades, but you can help assist a positive emotional attachment by carefully directing the appropriate engagement.

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The determination of what amount and type of engagement can be deemed appropriate varies with each individual business. The process of engagement can be as simple or intricate as you would like. The most simple engagement plan would be sending every customer the same correspondence at a set interval. This is the most basic plan for engagement but still much better than nothing at all. In opposition, one of the most detailed engagement plans would be to gather a complete snapshot of your customers based on the amount spent with your business. The customers who have a higher worth to your business would warrant more engagement to make sure their experience is positive and encourage returning often. Breaking down your customer based into segments can also allow a structured campaign to increase repeat business from certain segments.

As you can see, this process can be extremely detailed or very loosely structured. There is also a ton of ground in between that is acceptable. No matter what suits your business best, every business needs to have some type of plan in place to succeed at higher levels.

One of the best things about GigaBook is the ability to quickly reach out to customers and track the correspondence with a log of promotional emails. Reach out and let your customers know you hope to see them soon. Utilize the promotional emails to send information about special deals or new services/products your business is now offering. Simple messages like this will begin the long journey to mastering your customer engagement program. Start the growth of your business today by getting your free trial.