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Online appointment software ideal for photographers taking senior pictures

Senior Pictures Booking SoftwareWhether it is college or graduation, this is the one of the most exciting parts of someones life! it is well known that graduating is a great accomplishment, and documenting that last year is something many people value. Someone’s senior year is special to them. It is the last time they will walk in those halls or on that campus as a member of the student body. For many, this is an emotional time thinking that “growing up” is right around the corner. They get to be young and wild for just a little longer before everything changes. This is their senior year, and they want to remember it. That is where you come in. You are here to photograph quite possible the biggest achievement they have had in their life. Taking photos of something so important can be stressful, time consuming, and very difficult; but when you see the smile on their face after seeing their pictures it makes it all worth it. You have just put their favorite memories in a place that they can have them forever, and never forget that moment.

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This is not easy though. People are ALWAYS wanting senior pictures since there is a new batch of the kids every year, and this is a FULL TIME job. Some want the leaves falling or a pretty snow picture, or many even the trees and flowers blossoming. It takes up your whole year and most of the time your whole day. When you aren’t taking pictures you are working on the pictures and getting them ready for your clients. It never ends. So when do you schedule new appointments and get clients that do not already have your contact or don’t know you to well? Well, probably not very easily, running around with an old calendar book that has your life in it and answering the phone whenever you can without being rude. Is this the best way to run your thriving business? We didn’t think so either.

That is why we have created GigaBook. We know with a schedule like yours, you don’t have time for yourself, much less a task like taking an appointment. With GigaBook you turn your current website into a realtime booking site that is automatically connected to a calendar that you can access anywhere! No more with the notebook, get updated with GigaBook. GigaBook can also allow you to have emails and text messages sent to your clients (or yourself) so no one is ever late to one of your shoots. You won’t have to worry about no shows and longer “forgetting” about their appointment because they can have messages sent to them whenever you set it up! Take the step today and try GigaBook out!