Setting Up A Free Trial Account on GigaBook

Getting your Free Trial Started and initial account setup for your new GigaBook account

WrenchSigning up for your Free Trial on GigaBook is as easy as following a few steps.  We make sure to gather enough information about you and your business in order to make sure that you are ready to go the moment you login to your account!  Once you are signed up you will be ready to experience Online Appointment Scheduling features, customize your Mini-Site, Setup Email and Text Message Reminders and Notifications, use your To Do List, Manage Staff Calendars, Sync with external sites and apps and more!

Section 1:  Let’s Get You Started!

  • Enter your name
  • Enter your primary email address where you want to receive notifications from GigaBook
  • Create your password (case sensitive)
  • Click ‘Next Step’

Section 2:  Great!  Now Let’s Get Some Info About Your Business

  • Click the circle associated with how many people are in your business
  • Enter your business name
  • Enter the phone number where you want clients to be able to contact you
  • If your business has a website, you may enter it in the next field
  • Enter the appropriate title of your employees
  • If your business has a physical address, click the ‘Yes’ button and enter the country, address, city and zip code
  • If you offer sessions, classes or workshops to the public, enter that information
  • To complete and move to the next section, click the blue ‘Next’ button.  If you need to go back to the previous page to make any changes, click the gray ‘Previous Step’ button.

Section 3:  Now We Need Some Info About Your Hours of Operation

  • Select which time zone your business’ main location resides in the pull-down menu
  • To designate your hours of business each day, use the up and down arrows and select the time (hour, minute and whether it’s a.m. or p.m., or if it’s closed)
  • To complete and move to the next section, click the blue ‘Next Step’ button.

Section 4:  Now It’s Time to Enter Your First Service

  • Enter the main service your business provides
  • Give a brief description of this service (optional)
  • Enter the price you charge for this service (optional)
  • Indicate approximately how long it takes to perform your business (hours and minutes)
  • If there is preparation time before providing service, enter minutes (optional)
  • If there are additional services you want to add, click ‘Next Step’ and continue to add your information
  • Click ‘Done Adding’ to move to the next section

Section 5:  Now It’s time to Enter Your Service Provider(s)

  • Enter the name of your associate, their email address and phone number (optional)
  • Select the service(s) that apply to this associate
  • If weekly availability is different than what you entered for your business, click ‘yes’ and enter their schedule
  • To add additional associate(s), click ‘Next Step’.  When section is complete, click ‘Done Adding’ to continue.

Section 6:  Let’s Set You Up a Mini-Site

  • If you’d like to create a mini-site, click the ‘Yes’ button
  • To add a logo, click ‘Browse’ to find an image

*** The Mini-Site is a free website hosted at

Section 7:  Terms of Agreement

  • After reviewing the Terms and Agreements, click the ‘I Agree’ button
  • Click ‘Create Your Account’ button

After you submit your signup form you will receive an email with a confirmation link, after clicking it your account will then be activated.  If you have problem doing so please email and we will help you confirm your account.

Congratulations you are now ready to experience the powerful features of GigaBook!