Ski Instructor Appointment Booking Software

Online ski instruction booking application

Ski Instructor Appointment Booking SoftwareYou are busy all day on the slopes, from teaching others on the bunny hills to enjoying some personal challenges on a black diamond run. So as a ski instructor, when are you supposed to be answering your phone to book new or repeat students? You might have a few options ranging from hiring an assistant to only returning (or more likely playing phone tag) at night. But we have a better solution for you. GigaBook can accept all of your bookings online 24 hours a day right on your existing website which can be accessed through anyone’s computer or phone.

GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform, which helps make your business run smoother, and your clients stay happy. You simply let your calendar show your availability, which you set up in your GigaBook dashboard, and your clients can choose which spot works best for them and book you in real time. This time block is then immediately removed from your availability so there is no double booking! You are also notified of your new appointment scheduled and your client gets a confirmation email as well.  Have a personal errand or doctors appointment? Block it off in your calendar, and no one can book you at that time. It’s really that easy!

Try GigaBook’s Ski Instructor Appointment Booking Software

GigaBook offers much more for your business than just online and mobile booking, such as:

  • Collection of payment or deposits at time of booking right there on your website
  •  Text or email reminders for you and your clients, which reduce the amount of no-shows
  • An invoicing system so you can keep track of who is paid up and who is not
  • A built-in to-do list so you can keep your business and your life more organized
  • A saved client list from all online bookings for future promotions, and you can import your current list right into GigaBook
  • GigaBook is extremely customizable to fit your business from the appearance of your booking application to the questions you require for booking

GigaBook is a great online assistant that you’ll never want to live without. Check out GigaBook today to see how it can boost your business and save you time so you can shred that powder!