Small Animal Groomer Booking Software

Appointment software that is ideal for use by small animal groomers

Small Animal Groomer Booking SoftwareMany small animals will attempt to groom themselves, but some pets just need a little extra help whether it be with their fur, nails, tails, or most specific areas they may have issues reaching. As a small animal groomer, your clientele may consist of mostly dogs, but some pet owners may also need help with other animals such as their cat, rabbit, or ferret.

With your hands busy shampooing or carefully trimming nails, you don’t have that much time to rush to the phone every time it rings, and you may not be big enough to afford a secretary so we have the solution for you, GigaBook. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment booking platform that you can access with any computer, tablet, or phone and can fit right onto your existing website.

Try GigaBook’s Small Animal Groomer Booking Software

How is GigaBook going to help my small animal grooming business?

  • Text and email reminders for drop off or pick up
  • To do lists for your staff to make sure all tasks get done by due dates
  • Accept online deposits at time of booking
  • Email customized invoices and let customers pay online to make pick up quick and easy
  • Use online promo codes to attract new clients
  • Create a website at no additional cost if you don’t already have one

GigaBook is your online assistant. Make a free trial account with GigaBook today and see how easy efficiency can be (and how nice it is to not have that phone ringing all day on top of animal sounds).