Software For Scheduling Home Inspections

Home Inspection Appointment Scheduling Software

Software For Scheduling Home InspectionsWhen it comes to real estate and the housing market, there is a plethora of things that need to be taken into account. Whether it is new construction, remodeling or an existing home, there is always a need for home inspections to protect both buyers and sellers. This means that there are many appointments being scheduled in many markets across the nation. If only there was a way to streamline appointment scheduling and run things more efficiently. Enter online booking software; this will help the process of setting appointments and clearing up much-needed time for the inspector(s), and here’s why:

1)When a client needs to schedule an inspection, it would be much more convenient and easy for them to be able to do it from a website rather than calling in. With online booking software, appointments can be scheduled, by the client, straight through your own website. This results in fewer no-show appointments, more closed bookings, and higher client satisfaction.

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2)Calendars can be synced across all avenues, in real-time, and with third-party calendars such as Outlook and Google Calendar.  This eliminates the chance of double-booking, minimizes the risk of human error and increases communication among clients and staff. Once an appointment is scheduled, reminders can be sent, and if there is ever an unforeseen change in schedule, the user can send notifications to clients letting them know of the occurrence. 

3)Software for booking appointments will also allow users to automate the redundancy of invoicing since users are able to not only create and send invoices but monitor their statuses throughout the process. Additionally, the inspector can set up to-do lists and punch lists through the widget, allowing them and staff to knock out tasks that would be potential oversights.

An online appointment scheduling software like GigaBook does all of this and more! It makes business sense to streamline processes and become more efficient. Let GigaBook show you how easily attainable that is with a free, 14-day trial and let us know what you think! Happy booking.