Speaker Appointment Booking Software

Online Appointment Booking Software for Speakers


Speaker Appointment Booking SoftwareWhether you are a motivational speaker or someone who speaks on specific topics, event planners what to schedule you! Are they having a hard time reaching you? Maybe there are some missed phone calls and email exchanges that are taking to long to receive a response. As a speaker, your focus is on delivering the best speech possible and not focused on your phone. Growing your reputation comes with delivering great speeches, in order to do so, however, those speeches have to be scheduled. Can you imagine, when giving a speech someone is already trying to book your next one? If you don’t have an assistant it might not be possible.

Try GigaBook’s Speaker Appointment Software

GigaBook’s appointment booking software acts as your personal assistant. It can accept appointments for you while you’re giving speeches, travel and anything in between. With GigaBook you can create a personalized booking widget that works with your existing website. You will receive notifications when a client schedules an appointment with you. You can send reminder notifications to your clients about the upcoming event you are scheduled at. With GigaBook you can sync with outside calendars such as Gmail and Outlook making sure nothing is overlooked. You have the flexibility to customize GigaBook the way you want to match themes of your website, the notifications you send to clients and even invoice clients. GigaBook works as your personal assistant 24/7 accepting appointments.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Customize a booking widget that works with your existing website.
  • Send reminder notifications to your clients.
  • Easily reschedule appointments and events if necessary.
  • Accept appointments 24/7.