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Spray tan session scheduling software for Spray Tanning businesses

Spray Tan Scheduling SoftwareHaving entered the exciting and busy world of Spray Tanning, you need to stay organized, but at the same time you need to be accessible. GigaBook has a great new mobile solution for you and your growing business to help organize your schedule, increase your online exposure, and maximize your time. The Spray Tan Scheduling software for busy professionals is exactly what you need to help grow your business. GigaBook allows you to build, modify and display your schedule online and accept appointments through a customized booking site, all from the convenience of your favorite device. We know you are busy, so we have built software to help you that can be used from any device at any time, from anywhere.

Try GigaBook Appointment Software in Your Spray Tan Business

And being a small business owner, or part of a larger team, your schedule and your regular clients are important to you, and so is making sure they remain your customers. With the customized software, we not only allow you to make and access appointments from your website, but we also help you communicate more effectively by sending email and text notifications and appointment reminders. When the appointments are made, tell GigaBook how many reminders and when you want them to go out, and you are set. By adding these reminders you are reducing the number of no-shows and cancellations, which results in more money in your pocket.

GigaBook understands that you also may have standing or recurring appointments, and we want to make that as easy as possible. So, we added a feature that will allow you to put in multiple appointments with one client over a designated period of time. While doing this you can also set your reminder notifications and feel good about getting all that time back to focus on the next big project. Your time is valuable, so not having to put in the appointments individually and then in turn not having to remind that client before each appointment is worth much more than GigaBook’s subscription fee.

Just like your profession is cutting edge, allow your business to be as well with Scheduling Software for Spray Tan Technicians. Set yourself apart by harnessing the power of the internet and more specifically your website or unique booking site. Allow GigaBook to be your assist and help grow your business.

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