Swim Class Scheduling Software

Swim Class booking and scheduling software with automatic reminders

Swim Class Booking Scheduling SoftwareSummertime is a popular time for parents signing their children up for swim classes. There are many options to choose from including group classes, individual lessons, baby classes, young kids, older children, indoor swim lessons, competitive swimming, and even adult lessons. With multiple instructors, camps, and organizations teaching these classes; most parents or potential clients are searching online to see all of their options. So you should set yourself apart with the ability to book your clients right there at your website, which makes less phone calls and happier clients who can see what classes and times are still available in real time.

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Features and Benefits of GigaBook:

  • Customize your booking application to fit your needs with class capacity, individual lessons, colors, fonts, client information required, images, and so much more
  • Allow clients to sign up on your existing website 24 hours a day
  • Accept payment at time of booking
  • Access your GigaBook dashboard from any computer or phone
  • Free customer service for all questions big or small
  • Sync your GigaBook calendar with your current calendar
  • Keep a personal to-do list on your GigaBook dashboard

GigaBook is revolutionizing the way you can accept bookings!

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GigaBook can help with:

  • Increasing your revenue with easy online booking
  • Preventing no-shows by sending email and text reminders
  • Making your existing website look more modern and enticing
  • Lowering costs of employees or save your own time from phone calls and booking clients
  • No overbooking errors
  • Keeping your client information saved and exportable
  • Keeping track of your invoices

Don’t feel like you are drowning in phone calls while you are busy teaching others to swim. As a leading cloud-based appointment-booking platform, GigaBook can manage all of your single or group booking needs. So dive on in and let GigaBook handle that for you!