Swim Classes Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software Ideal for Use by Swimming Instructors and Swimming School Owners

Swim Classes Scheduling SoftwareAs a swimming instructor or swimming school owner, you provide lessons to students with different levels of swimming abilities and your classes can consist of children, young adults and even senior citizens. You handle many classes with different schedules and there are many instances the swimming lessons will take place in swimming pools in different locations.

It can be challenging for you to arrange and organize the schedules of classes of different sizes – group sessions that consist of four to six students in one session, or semi-private to private lessons with just one to two students in one session.

You could be currently using a system that utilizes a personal calendar, phone calls, emails and a computer with no software to schedule appointments with your students. This type of system is inefficient and prone to human errors. You need an efficient scheduling process that is automated and offers maximum efficiency. That’s where GigaBook’s swim class scheduling software comes in!

Utilizing our swim class scheduling software is like having your own personal assistant who works 24/7 and never takes a break. GigaBook can effectively provide the efficient operation and management of the scheduling process you need. No more frustration over conflicts of schedules between your classes or dealing with free appointment time due to a last-minute cancellation.

Try GigaBook’s Swim Class Scheduling Software

When it comes to swimming classes, many sessions are booked for groups. As the swimming instructor or swimming school owner in charge of scheduling the classes, it makes sense to make the whole process as simple and streamlined as possible for everyone involved – you, the staff and your students.

GigaBook’s swim class scheduling software allows you to cater to larger groups by making your class a Group Session. This makes the process easier because with this feature, you can:

  • Add new group sessions that can be added to your calendar later.
  • Add descriptions about your group sessions.
  • Assign different staff to your group sessions.
  • Sort the order that group sessions appear on your booking applications.
  • Control the information that everyone sees in a session.

Higher client satisfaction and improved overall communication with your students are some of the benefits you’ll get from our swim class scheduling software. You can accept appointments through your existing website. Your students can see your availability in real time, and they are able to book themselves an appointment by simply selecting the dates and times that are convenient for them. This results in fewer no-show appointments and double-bookings.

Using GigaBook’s swim classes scheduling software, you can:

  • Accept appointments through your own website.
  • Easily schedule repeat appointments with clients.
  • Send personalized notifications and reminders.
  • Create and edit group sessions.
  • Sync with third-party calendars.
  • Improve overall communications with your clients.
  • Do much more!

So, get started on GigaBook’s swim classes scheduling software with a free, no-obligation 14-day trial. See the many ways it can help save you time and money while allowing your business to grow and thrive!