Tax Accountant Booking Software

Online Tax Accountant Appointment Booking Software


Tax Accountant Booking SoftwareThe months leading up to tax season can be crucial. Lots of clients not knowing what paperwork they need to submit, which can then leads to multiple phone calls. Let’s not forget about all those long hours and late nights. Then you have to make sure all the client’s information is submitted correctly. While working with a particular client, you may be missing out new business. People trying to call but unable to reach you. When you offer online appointment scheduling you don’t have to worry about that. While you’re working, your online booking software is also working. Being able to schedule appointments 24/7 online, means you have more time to focus on your already existing clients ensuring they get the best results.

Try GigaBook’s Tax Accountant Booking Software

When you offer online appointment bookings through GigaBook, you are able to create a personalized booking widget that matches your existing website. With GigaBook you are able to send reminders to clients and your staff about upcoming appointments. If your client wants to scheduled reoccurring appointments till tax season is over, you can do that too! Things in life come up, is an appointment needs to be rescheduled, GigaBook can do that too. GigaBook will also sync with your existing calendars, ensuring that you or your staff never miss an appointment.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Still, use your existing website to accept appointments.
  • Send reminders to clients and staff.
  • Easily reschedule appointments.
  • Sync with existing calendars.
  • Set reoccurring appointments.
  • Schedule appointments 24/7.