Tax Advisor Appointment Software

Tax Advisor Online Appointment Booking Software

Tax Advisor Appointment SoftwareTaxes have the tendency to be overwhelming for people. Most people put them off till the last minute and even sometimes file them incorrectly. For these reasons and many others is why many people rely on Tax Advisors for guidance in filing their taxes. When tax season is in full swing, it’s can be challenging to find spare time and grow your business. Some appointments with clients can last for hours. If you are answering phone calls and emails while with a client, they will probably become dissatisfied with your service and look for someone next tax season. What if during tax season your day was completely scheduled for you and all you had to do was only focus on each client session? Online appointment booking software with GigaBook allows you to do just that! Having online appointment booking eliminates the problem of new clients going to your website and having to call the next day to schedule an appointment.

Try GigaBook’s Tax Advisor Appointment Software

GigaBook gives you the freedom to accept and schedule 24/7 through your existing website. Using a customized booking widget tailored to your website, clients can now book online with you. When a client books with you, GigaBook will send notifications and reminders to the clients about their scheduled appointments. When unexpected events come up, you are able to easily reschedule appointments and notify those clients. GigaBook allows you to sync with 3rd party calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook. By creating projects and to-do lists for your staff, you are also able to ensure the office stays on task and maximizing office efficiency.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Use your existing website to accept appointments.
  • Send notification and reminders to your clients.
  • Notify your staff members of new scheduled appointments.
  • Sync with 3rd party calendars.
  • Create invoices and send to your clients.