The Best Recruitment Tools for Online Appointments

GigaBook: The Best Recruitment Tool for Online Appointments

Recruiment Tool to Make Online Appointments

In today’s business world, more and more companies are leveraging recruitment tools for online appointments. Why? The simple fact is that making appointments can be a hassle. 

You have to find a time that works for both parties, make sure the location is convenient, and of course, make sure the calendar invite you’ll have to send a reminder. But what if there was a way to make the entire process a whole lot easier?

Enter online recruitment tools. By using an online recruitment tool, you can easily post job openings, collect applications, and schedule interviews—all from the comfort of your own office. Here are three of the best online recruitment tools for making appointments:

1. GigaBook

There are numerous recruitment tools for online appointments available nowadays. How do you determine which is best for your company, then? To do an efficient job in your recruitment, we fully recommend GigaBook. It’s among the top scheduling programs for companies like yours, and here’s why:

  • Ease of use

GigaBook is easy to navigate. Your recruitment team can easily set up available appointments, while applicants can flexibly access the software to schedule interviews. Moreover, GigaBook has an all-access help center where you can review and walk through various processes, from setting up appointments to promotions. 

  • Calendar synchronization

You can integrate popular calendar applications, including Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook, with GigaBook. This allows you to keep using the calendar you’re accustomed to.

Calendar synchronization
  • 3rd party tools integration

GigaBook is a powerful platform where you can integrate multiple 3rd-party apps. One of GigaBook’s most recent integrations is Zapier. We can also integrate with other third-party services for different uses, such as Zoom and Mailchimp. GigaBook works with other website builders, including WIX, GoDaddy, and Weebly.

  • Professional presentation

GigaBook helps you present an excellent recruitment experience. You do not simply set manual appointments. Rather, you show the convenience of the whole process. Customizable widgets allow you to share the URL or a custom URL on Facebook and other social networking platforms.

GigaBook customizable widget

2. Google Calendar

A time-management and scheduling calendar service created by Google, we’ve all come to know as Google Calendar, was available in beta version on April 13, 2006, and as a mobile app for the Android and iOS operating systems in July 2009. 

Google Calendar is a free tool used to schedule and manage appointments. It is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere.

You can make a block of appointments available for reservation on your calendar. For instance, staff from your recruitment team can allow an applicant to schedule an interview during office hours. People can reserve time slots on your calendar within a block of time that you provide. You may schedule 2 hours where you’re accessible for 30-minute interviews.

3. AppointmentPlus

AppointmentPlus is a paid tool that offers similar features to Acuity Scheduling. It is a good option for businesses that need some extra flexibility when it comes to scheduling appointments. Users can schedule appointments and manage all associated tasks with them using the AppointmentPlus software. 

To meet the demands of today’s modern operation, it strives to automate business model processes. The method considers appointment management crucial, especially for the recruitment teams. Users can set up meetings or interviews and handle conflicts, reminders, and other relevant tasks with assistance. 

AppointmentPlus is one of the top products in its industry. In fact, it is currently used by several notable companies in over 16 different countries. Additionally, it offers significant flexibility because organizations of any size may still find practical and useful solutions within.

Why is online appointment software best for recruitment?

If you’re in charge of recruitment for your company, you know that finding the best candidates can be a challenge. With so many applicants to sort through, it can take time to figure out where to start. Once you do find that perfect candidate, it’s important to make it easy to connect with one another. Save yourself time and energy by better utilizing online scheduling tools. Here are five reasons why online appointment tools are the best recruitment tool:

1. They’re convenient

One of the best things about online appointments is that they’re convenient. Candidates can schedule an appointment conveniently, making the process more efficient. Plus, with online scheduling tools, you can see a candidate’s real-time availability, making it easy to find a time that works for both of you.

2. They’re easily available

Another great thing about online appointments or online scheduling tools is that they’re easy to use. All your candidates need is an internet connection, and they can schedule an appointment with you from anywhere in the world. Plus, most online scheduling tools have handy features like reminders and notifications, so you’ll always know when an appointment is coming up.

3. They save time

When you’re recruiting, time is of the essence. You need to fill those positions as quickly as possible so your company can keep running smoothly. With online appointments or online scheduling tools, you can speed up recruitment by allowing candidates to schedule their own appointments. This way, you can focus on other tasks and leave the scheduling to the candidates.

4. They save money

Another great benefit of using online appointments or online scheduling tools for recruitment is that they can save your company money. If you’re paying someone to schedule appointments manually, that’s an extra cost you don’t need to incur. You can do it all yourself with online scheduling tools and avoid those extra costs. Plus, most online scheduling tools offer free trials, so you can try them out before committing to anything long-term.

5. They’re eco-friendly

Online appointments or online scheduling tools are good for your company and the environment! By using these tools, you can reduce the amount of paper waste associated with traditional recruitment methods like sending out paper copies of resumes or mailing out physical appointment reminders. Plus, when candidates schedule their appointments online, there’s no need to print out confirmation emails or driving directions—you can store everything digitally! 

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