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Tour scheduling software for booking for tour companies and agencies

Tours can be an exciting event for everyone involved. Generally, the attendees are in a very uplifting mood directly before a tour, provided the process has been enjoyable and convenient. Although this sounds like the cast most of the time, the process of booking a tour can often be very inconvenient and somewhat difficult. Online tour booking is a great way to cater to the convenience of the each person booking a spot with the tour.

It might seem like common sense that booking online would be more convenient, but the logistics of providing this can seem daunting. No worries – GigaBook offers an easy solution at an extremely affordable price. With a standard subscription, any business can create a custom booking widget code that can be embedded into your website. It’s just that simple.

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“Make your product easier to buy than your competition, or you will find your customers buying from them, not you.” – Mark Cuban

As trends continually shift towards making businesses mobile friendly and accessible 24/7, the ability to reserve slots for a tour online puts your business in a great place. Distinguishing yourself from other competitors by offering online tour booking is a great advantage for many reasons:

  • Become the easiest tour in town for anyone to book
  • Save labor hours by automating most of the booking process
  • Send automated notifications and reminders for anyone registered for a tour
  • Spend excess labor hours continually advancing and expanding your tour experience
  • Create a promotional email to encourage people to come back as new features are added
  • Send automated reminders to your clients and keep your tours full!

Get your free trial today from GigaBook to begin the journey toward becoming the easiest tour in town to book. As the word spreads, new faces should be coming through your tour in no time. Register today for your free 14-day trial with GigaBook to get started.

Online Tour Booking Software