Tour Booking Software

Scheduling software ideal for tour guides, tour operators and tourist bookings

Tour Booking SoftwareIf you work for a tour operator, you are constantly providing assistance, information on cultural, historical and contemporary heritage to groups or individuals.

Whether you’re at educational establishments, religious and historical sites, museums or venues of other significant interest, you know the answers and people people seek you out for them.

In the midst of all this,  it would be nice to not have to deal with bookings, payments, cancellations, group sizes, etc. It would be great to have a simple and convenient way for your clients to schedule their tour and even pay at the time of their booking, simplifying your current appointment process.

GigaBook’s tour booking software can help you increase your sales, while reducing hassle and expenses for your business, resulting in fewer missed opportunities and overall business growth!

Try GigaBook’s Tour Booking Software

Read on to discover just a few of the ways GigaBook’s tour booking software can help business grow while increasing efficiency.



Using GigaBook’s tour booking software, you can accept appointments through your current website. You can also accept payment at time of booking if it is preferred. GigaBook provides a fully-customizable platform, turning your current website or social media page into an automated booking engine.

Even better, it’s accessible on any device, from anywhere, at any time. You can create and customize Group Sessions and set attendance limits, locations, time intervals, assign staff, etc. or customize color schemes, verbiage and fonts to match your website.  Almost limitless options.


Constantly Updated

GigaBook gives you 24/7 availability since it allows clients to book themselves! Once a booking is made, your GigaBook calendar is updated in real-time. Using GigaSync, GigaBook integrates with your third-party calendar – Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Office 365, Apple iCal and Exchange. This alleviates risk of double-bookings, leaving you free to worry about things other than figuring out how to reschedule your time.


Always In-Touch

Whether it is an upcoming appointment, a follow-up or a reminder about a meeting or tour, GigaBook’s tour booking software allows you to send customized notifications and reminders through email and/or text. This is excellent for increasing your overall communication amongst you, your staff and your clients. This leads to higher client satisfaction, higher reviews and more repeat and referral business.


Timely Project Completion

From the Projects area of your dashboard, GigaBook’s tour booking software allows you to manage current, future and previously completed projects right from your account. You can also create new projects, edit existing projects, assign staff and provide feedback until completion. Create to-do lists for specific personnel and simply check them off as they are finished. This allows you and your staff to complete projects around the office that may not have been completed otherwise.

Let us know what you think! Give GigaBook’s tour booking software a try with a free, 14-day trial and see how and why we can help your business continue to thrive and grow!