Tree Trimmer Booking Software

Online Tree Trimmer Appointment Booking Software


Tree Trimmer Booking SoftwareAs the season’s change and storms roll in, I’m sure you are finding yourself more and more outside. Cleaning up fallen trees, picking up branches out of streets and yards and other debris. You may have an administrative assistant who is able to take appointments for you. Or you may be a small crew that doesn’t have someone to take appointments for you so you rely on cell phones. When machines are running you might not be able to hear the phone ringing, therefore, missing out on new business. It’s easy to follow up with clients during the slow times of the year, but it’s during the busy season that things get hectic.

Try GigaBook’s Tree Trimmer Booking Software

When you have the ability to accept online appointment bookings, you expand the opportunity to gain new clients. GigaBook works with your existing website to accept online appointments. You can customize the booking widget to match the layout of your existing website. With GigaBook you can accept online appointments 24/7. GigaBook will send you clients and staff reminders about upcoming appointments. It will set reoccurring appointments for clients if they choose. GigaBook offers syncing with outside calendars helping you to never miss an appointment. Do you have a staff unsure of certain tasks sometimes? With the task manager, you can assign certain taste to certain staff members making your operation more efficient.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Create a booking widget that will work with your existing website.
  • Send clients and your staff reminders about scheduled appointments.
  • Set reoccurring appoints for clients.
  • Accept online appointments 24/7.
  • Easily reschedule appointments.