Using Online Calendar Sharing in your Business

How to utilize online calendar sharing within your business

Online Calendar Sharing

Shared calendars are a great way to promote teamwork

One of the biggest mistakes a small/medium-sized business can make is allowing its employees to become completely segregated from the activities of each other. While having a specialization is recommended, completely removing the collaboration process can rapidly kill the growth of a business.

Utilizing an online calendar to share the information and activities of everyone in the business can create a new culture that encourages help and innovation from all areas of the business. Most forward-thinking ideas are born from a collaborative process and mesh many ideas into one final solution. Without the ability to create complete transparency, these ideas might very well never come to fruition.

If people work together in an open way with porous boundaries – that is, if they listen to each other and really talk to each other – then they are bound to trade ideas that are mutual to each other and be influenced by each other. That mutual influence and open system of working creates collaboration.” – Richard Thomas

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Everyone has heard the term “water cooler talk”. Although this term has gained a negative connotation from management over the years, this talk is important when harnessed for the powers of good. Talking amongst members of an organization leads to collaboration. As long as this type of activity doesn’t turn into an all day, waste of time and productivity, it can be extremely beneficial in gaining input from a fresh set of eyes to help solve troubling tasks. Some times it just takes a little input from someone else to change an entire way of behaving. Sharing tasks and calendars allows a bit of globalization effect with everyone being aware of all the activities and challenges that can plague a business. Often, this will lead to positive interactions and collaboration to produce greater results in less time.

Culture can be the lifeblood of a successful business. Often times, growth is due simply to becoming more efficient and productive with the same resources. Sharing calendars is one of the easiest ways to create a more successful culture. You can start this change in your own business today with a free trial from GigaBook. With all the features that are offered with GigaBook, including online calendar sharing, your business will become the thriving entity you have been trying to create for years.