Video Production Specialist Appointment Software

Online appointment reservation software ideal for video production businesses

Video Production Specialist Appointment SoftwareWhen you spend the evening at home in front of your television watching your favorite show or movie, or even flip through the commercials that run during your show, there’s a video production specialist behind that piece of film.  A wide variety of work and many, many steps go into the production of what is watched on any device.

If you’re a video production specialist, use GigaBook to help manage your every-growing clientele, while creating new customers with ease.  And take advantage of GigaBook’s To-Do list to keep your production business organized—reminders are sent when a to-do item is due to you keep on top of tasks.  Your business stays more organized with the built-in invoicing system, keeping track of your paid and unpaid invoices.

GigaBook is your 24/7 employee, able to take appointments any time of the day.  This is extremely helpful when you’re filming on location and have to be away from your office—no missed opportunities!

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GigaBook can also help your production business:

  • Set up your account quickly and easily
  • Your clients and customers can request appointments from your website
  • Easily sync your GigaBook calendar to other calendars such as iCloud, Outlook or Google
  • Set up customized notifications that go to your clients and staff