Vocal Coach Lesson Booking Software

Online lesson booking software for vocal coaches

Vocal Coach Lesson Booking SoftwareWhen it comes to music, detail is key. One note to high or one note to low can completely change and destroy the music. Singing though is a lot more difficult then playing a different key on a piano or a new string on a guitar. Singing requires you to find a new pitch that is just slightly different that the last. Being a vocalist takes a lot of time and practice, and being a vocal coach requires just as much. You spend much of your time not only with your student but also looking for techniques that will help them or songs that boast well for their style. It is as much work for you as it is for them.

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While you are giving these lessons or focusing on other word pertaining to them, you do not want to have to break your concentration or interrupt a lesson to answer a phone or text someone back. You want to be engaged in what you do, so much so that you forget you have a phone. But you are not able to do that. You have to take the call or text them back because if you don’t, you could lose on another student. Then that means you lose on more revenue. GigaBook is here to help you so that you do not have to worry about those occurrences

With GigaBook you can begin taking appointments 24/7 with anyone that would like your vocal coaching. Here you can automate so much of your business so you can have extra free time. You have the options of auto-confirming appointments, or having emails and text messages be automatically sent to your students to remind them no to miss an appointment. The possibilities are endless. With being able to book at anytime and becoming more efficient than every, GigaBook will be able to help you maximize your profit! Don’t wait, sign up today!