Water Aerobics Class Booking Software

Online class scheduling software for water aerobics classes and instructors

Water Aerobics Class Booking SoftwareWater aerobics is a great exercise to build your strength while also being easy on your joints. These classes are popular for people of all different fitness levels and ages, ranging from young adults to senior citizens and from beginners to athletes. As a water aerobics instructor, you may even branch out into some of the creative aqua classes such as a aqua zumba class, or hydro training. These can also be group classes or individual training sessions, and you are so busy in the pool, its hard to find time to answer the endless phone calls and emails about when you have availability.

Try GigaBook’s Water Aerobics Class Booking Software

Wouldn’t it be easier if your potential clients could just go on your existing website, click on a class or session offering, read your explanation of the class, see what is available in real time, book themselves and possibly a friend at the same time, even pay all in a few easy minutes, and you didn’t even have to get out of the water for this? Now its possible with GigaBook! GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment platform that can plug right into your current website and allow you to start taking online bookings and payments today!

GigaBook can help your Aqua Class business by:

  • Sending automated email or text class reminders so clients don’t forget to show up
  • Increasing communication with clients and increase customer retention
  • Increasing communication with other staff members
  • Auto-syncing with almost any online calendar you may be currently using
  • Organizing your life with a built-in GigaBook To-Do List
  • Having all of your client info at your finger tips saved from time of booking
  • Optional pay at time of booking through your website
  • Having access to your GigaBook dashboard by any device with Internet
  • Keeping track of all paid and unpaid invoices in your account
  • Never overbooking a class and staying within our pre-set capacity
  • Allowing customization ranging from sign-up client forms to the colors and shape of your booking application to match your website

Don’t stress either if you aren’t a website programmer. The booking application is very user friendly and out top-notch customer service is happy to walk you through any questions you may have as well as give you ideas to best optimize GigaBook with your business. So jump on in and give GigaBook a try, you won’t regret it!