Website Appointment Booking Software

Website Online Appointment Booking Software

Website Appointment Booking SoftwareAre you and your staff becoming overwhelmed by phone calls as your business grows? Chances are you have a contact us page on your website that allows your customers to submit their contact information. However, they have to wait for a response and in the meantime, they might find your competitor and decide to go with them instead. What if your customers could schedule their service and have an immediate response from you and your company? 

You and your clients may be frustrated with having to go back and forth trying to get the appointment and service scheduled. With offering appointment booking from your website and other social media platforms. Your customers will have the ability to choose a day and time that best matches up with their schedule, giving them the freedom to plan accordingly. When you offer online appointment booking, you help alleviate the potential for your customer leaving your site without booking their appointment. When you are able to stay connected with your customers in all areas, they are more likely to become repeat customers due to the quality of service they are receiving. 

Are you wondering how to update date your website without the hassle of writing code? GigaBook makes the online appointment booking easy for you. It is as simple as copying and pasting to your website. You may be asking, what if you want to change the services that you are taking an appointment for? Not a problem! When a service is updated, your website is updated automatically as well. With GigaBook you can display your appointment booking anywhere on your site and in multiple spots. With a few simple steps, your customers can schedule their appointment easily. 

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So what happens next after an appointment is scheduled? Both you and your customer are notified of the appointment. These notifications and be both by email and text. Up to the scheduled appointment, you can remind your customers and staff of the appointment by text and email. By staying connected with your customers, you can decrease the number of potential no shows for their appointment. If you have customers that want to set reoccurring appointments with you, you can do so easily! If unexpected events were to come up, you can also easily reschedule appointments and notify your customers of the appointment change. 

Do you offer group classes within your business that you would like to take appointment bookings for? GigaBook offers a group session, where your customers can choose their desired class/session. If you require a minimum or maximum number of attendees no problem! You can set your class to your specific requirements and then promote it out to your customers. 

GigaBook not only offers appointment bookings but many other features. You might be asking what about payments? With GigaBook you can link your Stripe or PayPal account to accept payments at the time of booking. GigaBook’s invoice tracking makes it easy to find customers payments and track which have been paid and which are outstanding. Create projects and to-do lists for your staff to increase efficiency within your business, completing those projects that would necessarily get done.