Wedding Planner Appointment Booking App

Online appointment booking software ideal for wedding planners

Wedding Planner Appointment Booking AppAs a wedding planner and event organizer, one of your key talents is staying organized. There is so much to keep track of between meeting with clients, booking tastings, collecting payments, ordering table clothes and chair covers, and all your above and beyond offerings. Staying organized must be a passion, otherwise you may not enjoy your job as much, but what if most of that can be collected and stored in one spot? What if your potential new clients can book online and see your availability in real-time instead of you penciling someone into your hand-written book? What if you could have To-Do Lists for each client’s event with due dates that can be emailed to you when due so you never miss another item? What if you could keep track of all over your paid/unpaid clients’ invoices as well as their contact information easily? What if this was all in one easy spot for you to access with any computer, phone, or tablet?

The answer is right in front of you as GigaBook makes organization a dream! GigaBook is your online assistant, which not only keeps track of your calendar, reminders, client list, and invoice, but can offer a booking platform that works right into your existing website. Anytime you block off time on your calendar, your availability is updated on your website.

Try GigaBook’s Wedding Planner Booking App

GigaBook can offer many exciting features such as:

  • Email and text reminders to clients and vendors for appointments– Never get a no-show again
  • Collecting payment at time of booking if desired – Down Payments will never be missed
  • Ease of use for clients – Your clients don’t have to wait for a call back to find out when you may be able to squeeze them in anymore
  • Book appointments 24 hours a day – The internet never closes, so clients can book appointments or phone calls with you all day and night
  • Calendar sharing – You can auto-sync your calendar with your current online calendar so no need to input all your dates and times individually

GigaBook is a wonderful and useful tool for any business such as wedding planning that requires coordinating and efficiency; and it’s all in one user-friendly dashboard. The friendly and helpful customer service at GigaBook can also help you apply this tool for the most productive use for your planning business. Put down that pencil and paper calendar and see how GigaBook can assist you with a free trial today!