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As a business owner you have a a plate full of daily activities and even more ideas on how to grow your business to be more profitable. You may be in a retail position, a stylist, or another service but the same problems arise for all of us. We need more time. We need to stretch our 8 to 10 hour day into 15 or 16 without actually cutting into the rest of our lives. Since we can’t create more time, we have to be able to manage our time and our employees time more efficiently.

Through GigaBook’s abilities, the possibilities are truly endless. One of GigaBook’s main features is the ability to allow you to begin accepting online appointments. The great advantage of this is it allows you to save much time during your workday. No longer will you have to go back and forth with your clients on what time works best for the two of you to meet. This takes up much time for you or an employee of yours. This time can be saved and automated so that you can accept bookings 24/7.

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Another great feature GigaBook offers is the ability to increase your communication with your employees more effectively. GigaBook allows you to set up your employees with their own personalized login so that you can delegate tasks more easily. You are able to create To-Do lists for your employees so that you can quickly give your employees tasks and get you back to the overall well-being of the company.

GigaBook also allows you to automate the notifying and reminding of your clients and employees. Anytime a new event or appointment is added it GigaBook, you are able to automatically have an email or text message sent to all the parties involved in that appointment or event. With the reminders feature, you are able to have emails or text messages sent to all the parties involved before the appointment or event so that you reduce any no-shows and everyone is always on time!

These are just a few of GigaBook’s great features! All of these and more come with setting up a free trail to test out how well it works for you. So start saving time and signup today!

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