What Theme

Online What Theme web development tool

Have you ever seen a website powered by word press and wanted to know what theme they were using? With GigaBook’s “What Theme” tool you can enter the URL of a WordPress website into the application and it will display the theme for you and it will extract relevant details for the theme.

The “What theme” tool searches the website for all of its stylesheets, it will then search for a style.css file within the themes directory and extract the information and display it on your web page. Use the “What Theme” tool to better understand the WordPress websites you are browsing and enhance your own WordPress page.

It’s simple and free!  “What Theme” is just one of the several complementary applications offered by GigaBook. Join today and get a fourteen-day free trial offer and see if GigaBook is right for you. Let GigaBook’s “What Theme” and other applications enhance your online business and web browsing experience.


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