Yoga Class Group Scheduling Software

Yoga studio class and group scheduling application for online booking

Yoga Class Scheduling Software

Offer Booking for your Yoga Classes Online

Yoga classes are great fun for everyone involved, but very few people are aware of the amount of time and effort goes into planning for the class. Behind the scenes, rooms must be chosen, instructor schedules must be set, material for each class must be created, correspondence back and forth with people attending the class and instructors must occur, and many other items are required to plan and execute a successful class. Often, this entire process can become overwhelming especially when classes have a maximum capacity.

Fortunately, software like GigaBook exists to help manage this daily strain. Check out a few of the ways GigaBook can help make the most difficult activities much easier.

  • Allow customer to book classes online
  • Take out much of the correspondence by allowing customers to search for classes with open availability and book themselves.
  • Eliminate the back and forth, and trying to fill up a class manually.
  • Communicate using automated notifications and reminders
  • Set minimum-maximum attendee limits

Most yoga studios lose money each time someone registers for a class and does not show for the session. Use the automated email and text message reminders to help minimize the amount of people who forget a session. Minimizing these forgotten appointments will help capitalize on lost revenue each year.

Try our Yoga Class Scheduling Software

Each studio has its own minimum and maximum number of attendees allowed for a session to occur. GigaBook allows this number to be set, so that you will never accidentally overbook again. It will also open up availability for online scheduling if a previously scheduled attendee withdrawals.

Please visit GigaBook to sign up for a free 14-day trial today. With all the great benefits and no obligation, your studio can be providing the best service around with just a few minutes. Get registered today to lock in your spot.