Zumba Class Booking Software

Zumba class scheduling and booking software for gyms and studios

Zumba Time ConceptZumba is a dance fitness craze with a latin feel of mixed dance styles experienced all over the world! Sometimes mis-spelled as Zoomba, Zoumba, or Zamba, this experience is for those who want to follow the beat while scorching calories. As a Zumba instructor, your passion is most likely for the dancing and teaching others how to safely perform the dance moves, and not necessarily wanting to focus on the organization of booking classes or collecting payments. Since these are important aspects to keep your business going, we have an easy solution for you.

GigaBook is the perfect resource for booking your Zumba and dance classes online as well as collect payment from your clients at the time of booking. GigaBook is a cloud based appointment booking platform that will fit right onto your existing website. Your clients will be able to see the real-time availability of your class offerings, and can book their selves as well as their friends right from their phone or computer.

 Try GigaBook for your Zumba Class Booking Software

GigaBook can also offer your studio assistance with:

  • Sending an email reminder to reduce no-shows
  • Collecting payment prior to class time, so people do not take up space in a class without paying for it even if they cannot attend
  • Starting classes right on time without the hassle of payment collection
  • Allowing access to your GigaBook dashboard from any phone or computer
  • Customizable settings so your booking widget can match your website as well as require whatever information you prefer at time of booking
  • No overbooking of classes with your pre-set capacity for each room
  • Built in To-Do lists with due date email reminders to keep your studio and life organized


GigaBook offers much more including keeping track of invoices, your client information, and calendar sharing. Stop worrying about the confusing booking process and let the fun and dancing begin with your trusted GigaBook Zumba booking software today!