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GigaBook is an online office management platform.

Enroll in our free trial, answer a few questions, and you’ll be set up in minutes. We’re here to add efficiency to your business by automating tasks associated with taking appointments, following up with clients, sending reminders to customers, and increasing staff productivity while in the office or on the go. We support all your devices to help your business grow!

What's included:

Online Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling

Take appointments for your services online! Give yourself time to focus on your core skills instead of administrative tasks! You’ll reduce no-shows since your clients will receive an automated reminder via email and/or text. And with our streamlined booking procedure, you’ll turn your website visitors into paying clients who can commit to your services!

Online To Do List

Integrated To Do List

Use your To Do List to help keep track of important tasks in your personal and professional life. It’s easily updated since you can access your list from anywhere as it syncs with your other electronic devices. Automatic reminders are sent to you and can be shared with others, making everyone more efficient. By keeping your tasks in front of you, distractions are lessened and your daily productivity will increase.

Group Class Scheduling

Group Sessions, Classes or Workshops

Allow your website visitors to sign up for any public group session that you offer. This works perfectly for coaches, instructors, club leaders, or anyone who conducts meetings and desires the ability to have their clients register online. Group meetings also give you the ability to limit the maximum and minimum number of participants in each meeting. This technology allows you to make sure your meeting is never overbooked!

Send Client Text Reminders

SMS Text Reminders for Clients and Staff

GigaBook understands that time is money. Recapture lost revenue from staff or client no-show appointments, events, and To Do List items. It’s a quick way to communicate with one person or a group. You also have the opportunity to customize the layout of the SMS text reminders to best represent your preferred communication.

Appointment Booking Website

Customizable Booking Site

Create a Booking Site for your business within GigaBook. You’re able to customize pages, sections, banners, background and layout of your Mini Site that lets you adapt your site to the demands and tastes of your target market—maximizing your return on your investment.

Online Service Bookings

Unlimited Services

Whether you are a single provider business or have a larger staff, you can add as many of your services as you want. You can choose a variety of options for how you describe your services—in as much detail as you want, your prices, hours, and more. Once your customers begin taking advantage of the services you offer, you may see other opportunities for expanding your business.

Client Email Creator

Branded Emails

Design your own email template, and use it to send professional follow ups or promotional material to your clients. Email messages can be created and saved to be used later and resent to new clients as needed. Reduce the inconsistency of outgoing correspondence, while creating a log of activity for future use.

Book Appointments Online

Website Integration

The GigaBook booking widget offers our full appointment booking functionality on your existing site. All you have to do is visit the Promote section, customize your booking widget to appear exactly like you want it to, and then add the code to your site. Your business can take advantage of this feature with minimal effort—it’s quick, simple and provides flexibility to customize.

Sync Business Calendars

Third Party Calendar Sync

Easily sync your GigaBook Calendar to Google Calendar using our GigaSync function. Set it up within your GigaBook control panel, and we’ll do the rest. No need for multiple separate calendars. You’ll still be able to picture how your day looks, reminders will be sent to you, you can share and keep others in the loop, and access your calendar wherever you need it.

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