Matt DeCoursey


Our company founder has a well-known history building businesses. Documented in his top selling business book, Million Dollar Bedroom, Matt started GigaBook to help businesses of all sizes have affordable access to appointment software.

John Berman


A developer with over 30 years of experience, John's vision and leadership have resulted in GigaBook's smart and intuitive interface and user experience. Throughout his career, John has worked on projects for Kroger, Topps, Kelloggs, Exxon/Mobil, Proctor & Gamble, amongst many others.

Darrell Blackburn


Involved with GigaBook since Day 1, Darrell has done just about any and every job needed along the way. He now helps with the company’s financial needs and is also known to attend product innovation and development meetings.

Paul Martsinchyk

System Engineer

Skilled in too many disciplines to list, Paul is the man behind GigaBook’s system architecture. Paul is obsessed with building high-performance server-side and client-side applications utilizing latest technologies and Linux OS. His desire to do so reflects in GigaBook’s reliability and performance.

Matt Watson


CEO and Founder of Stackify, an industry leading application performance monitoring platform, Matt brings advanced experience and knowledge to GigaBook. In 2011, Matt sold his first company, VinSolutions for $147 Million.

Alex Banzon

Sales and Support Manager

Tasked with helping support existing users as well as new users, Alex spends his day helping our enterprise clients with their needs. He also works with new users that are seeking information about GigaBook, or that needing assistance with account configuration.

Bharat Dhakad

Senior Programmer

A team leader tasked with improving, updating and maintain everything that GigaBook has to offer.

Rico Geromo

Senior Programmer

Involved with GigaBook since the very first day, Rico leads our team that seeks and destroys any bugs within GigaBook.

July Tapangan

Senior Programmer

Another GigaBook team member since the first day, July leads quality assurance efforts for GigaBook.

Robert Reserva

Product Tester

Known for finding the weirdest issues during new feature development Robert has an eye for quality and detail that is hard to find.

Marites Raymondo

Product Tester

A member of the GigaBook team since day one, Marties, or Tes as we know her, works for our testing team, providing feedback for all of our development efforts.