GigaBook is an online business platform designed to help businesses of any size achieve a greater sense of independence by allowing customers to book appointments online. During the quick registration and set up process you are able to customize your company information and settings, including business hours, services, and provider information. In just a few quick steps, you are ready to go!

Customers will be able to see what services you offer, when you have availability, and even your prices. When appointments are set up, customized email and/or text confirmations are sent at the time the appointment is made, as well as reminders being generated closer to the actual appointment date and time. You will experience fewer missed appointments, less time answering the phone and more time growing your business. And with the basic set up behind you, you are ready to take advantage of the full complement of additional features that GigaBook offers.

The GigaBook Dashboard is the central hub of your business, allowing you to get a quick view of what is going on in your business, regardless of the number of employees. The scheduled appointments automatically appear on your Calendar and can be viewed in a daily, weekly, or monthly format. Your GigaBook Calendar can be easily synced with Google Calendar. Track your (and/or your staff’s) tasks through the To Do List and quickly view responsibilities by assigned color-coded blocks of time within the Calendar. As well, maintaining client information is easily done with as much or as little information as you choose to capture.

GigaBook offers a number of tools that can be used within your custom Mini Website (this can be set up at any time throughout your use of our platform but it is an auto prompt upon set up), or that can be integrated into your existing website. By using these tools it will allow business and website owners to save money on expensive website development by easily incorporating the GigaBook appointment platform into their own site, or simply linking to their custom Mini Website. The overall platform is scalable and can be used to full efficiency by a single user or in a larger team environment.

The mission of GigaBook is to provide high quality business management tools enabling our customers to achieve greater independence from daily administrative tasks. We provide varying levels of services tailored to meet the changing needs of our customers. GigaBook is also committed to maintaining business excellence, integrity, and respect in all aspects of our operations and business conduct.

For any assistance you may need, please fill out our contact form and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible.