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Scheduling Software and tools for administrative assistants

In the ever-changing role of an Administrative Assistant, you have chosen to wear several hats and keep the office running smoothly, but do you have the best tools to do your job effectively? Many will answer no, but won’t ask for or offer up a better solution for fear of reprisal. Stop being tentative, you are a highly valued employee and without you the office would be unorganized, inefficient and lack communication. You have already proven you can multi-task, so now ask for the right tool to bring everything together – GigaBook. GigaBook is your scheduling assistant, your multi-person calendar, your email and text notification system, your internal to do list coordinator and your contact management system all in one.

Try GigaBook’s Administrative Assistant Scheduling Software

 Whether you are the Administrative Coordinator for your office or an Administrative Professional to a single Executive, if you are looking for a more effective tool to use GigaBook has what you need. Allow us to help combine systems and reduce the time it takes to organize the lives of others. provides software that will allow you to schedule appointments (one-time or recurring) and send email and/or text notifications when the appointment is booked, as well as email/text reminders as the appointment approaches. This will cut down on the no-show and cancellation of appointments, as well as increase communication through automated reminders, allowing you to focus on other more hands-on tasks. GigaBook also allows you to see the calendars of all those in the office, whether you need to see one or 20. No more guessing and emailing back and forth trying to get a staff meeting together, instead take a look at the weekly calendar and schedule the event. It will now show up on everyone’s calendar and they will get whatever notification you asked GigaBook to send.

GigaBook BenefitsAs the hub for your office, you are charged with many daily tasks that revolve around communication, and without the right tools it is hard to do your job effectively and efficiently. Allow GigaBook to be YOUR assistant and work for YOU. Whether it is putting tasks on other’s to do lists, scheduling an appointment for one or a board meeting for 20, or reducing the time you spend setting up appointments based on availability, GigaBook can help you get more of your precious time back enabling you to focus on other tasks.

 Be the hero of your office by asking for GigaBook to help improve efficiency, communication and to automate some of the more mundane tasks.