Alternatives To Appointment Quest

Online Appointment Scheduling Software Alternatives to Appointment Quest

Alternatives to Appointment QuestYour business is growing, and it’s time to start looking at more ways to streamline your operation – it’s important to find the right solutions for you and your business. Among the many online booking software options you have, you may feel overwhelmed. In your search, you may have stumbled across a platform like Appointment Quest. As a solution, we at GigaBook online booking software just want you to know that we think we can provide your business with all of the functionality it needs, so you can easily take online bookings and appointments! 

Try GigaBook’s Appointment Scheduling Software

GigaBook online booking software is a great alternative. Using GigaBook’s calendar, clients can see your current availability and book their own appointments through your own website. Once complete, your calendar is updated and synced with third-party calendars, instantly. This results in fewer no-show appointments and prevents any double-bookings.

Aside from the calendar being simple and up-to-date, setting up your account is also easy. GigaBook online booking software walks you through six simple questions and quickly guides you through set up. It will also recommend which version would benefit you most based on your answers, and just like that, you’re off!

You’ll also have the ability to create and send personalized emails and texts. Sending birthday wishes, appointment updates, promotional and marketing materials and thank you notes is a breeze! This increases communication among staff and clients, leading to higher client satisfaction and more repeat business.

GigaBook online booking software also helps with those redundant tasks that no one wants to do – like invoicing.  Using GigaBook online booking software, you can automate much of the process – you have the ability to create, send and track invoices – ensuring you have ultimate visibility of your finances.

Using GigaBook online appointment booking software, you can:

  • Accept appointments through your website
  • Update in real-time and sync with third-party calendars
  • Prepare, schedule and send personalized messages
  • Increase communication
  • Create and send invoices

Give GigaBook online booking software a shot with a free, 14-day trial and discover the many ways you can streamline your business while it continues to thrive and grow!