Alternatives To Demandforce

Online Appointment Scheduling Software Alternatives to Demandforce

Alternatives To DemandforceIf you’re looking for an alternative to Demandforce’s automated marketing solution, look no further. Gigabook’s online appointment scheduling software is the solution you’ve been looking for when it comes to automated marketing… Plus, we do more, and we fit the needs of thousands of industries!

When it comes to automated marketing, GigaBook online appointment booking software has you taken care of. You’re probably thinking, “What if I need to update staff and clients about an upcoming appointment or last-minute schedule change? What about the need to send birthday wishes, thank yous or follow-ups? Promotional and marketing material?”

Try GigaBook’s Appointment Scheduling Software

We thought you’d never ask! Using GigaBook online appointment scheduling software, you and your staff have the ability to create, schedule and send personalized emails or text messages for anything from individuals to large groups, leading to better overall communication between you, your staff and clients; which leads to higher client satisfaction, repeat business and referral business.

With GigaBook online appointment scheduling software, your clients can book for themselves. Through the self-serve portal on your already existing website, they are able to see your real-time availability and schedule their own date and time. Once they’re all set up, your calendar is updated appropriately and syncs with all third-party calendars in real-time, leaving you free to do more of the things you love while knowing there is no risk of double-booking. This also leads to fewer no-show appointments as you are able to accept payment through your website as well!

GigaBook also automates tedious things like invoicing, saving everyone time to complete other tasks. Once the client information is accurately captured, you can create, send and monitor the statuses of all invoices. Additionally, since it is cloud-based, you have the ability to search for specific invoices using the invoice number or any relevant client information. This also saves time, money and resources and is just one way to a more streamlined, efficient operation.

Using GigaBook online appointment scheduling software, you can:

  • Prepare, schedule and send customized emails and texts
  • Accept appointments and payments through your website
  • Update and sync with all third-party calendars in real-time
  • Create, send, search for and monitor invoices
  • Save time, money and resources

Let us know what you think! Try GigaBook online appointment scheduling software for yourself with a free, 14-day trial and discover the many ways we can help your business to thrive and grow!