Alternatives To FreshBooks

Online Appointment Scheduling Software Alternatives To FreshBooks

Alternatives To FreshBooksAre you looking for an alternative to FreshBooks online booking system and appointment software? We know there are an overwhelming amount of options based on specific needs. What if one of these options could offer you more than accounting services and offer many other ways to help your business thrive and grow?

Look no further. With GigaBook online appointment scheduling software, you can create and send personalized communication to both clients and staff. This is great for sending birthday wishes, upcoming appointment reminders, thank yous and marketing and promotional materials; leading to better overall communication among staff and clients, higher client satisfaction, better reviews, repeat business and referral business. 

Try GigaBook’s Appointment Scheduling Software

Clients are able to book their own appointments through your existing website using GigaBook online appointment scheduling software as well. With the click of a button, they are able to see your real-time availability, book their own appointment and pay in advance if they prefer. Once the client schedules themselves, your calendar is updated and syncs with all third-party calendars, instantly. This prevents double-bookings and results in fewer no-show appointments, and you’ve done nothing but save yourself time and resources!

Another great thing about GigaBook online appointment scheduling software is that it gives you the ability to automate many redundant tasks, such as invoicing. GigaBook allows you to create, send and monitor invoices, freeing up time for you and your staff to complete other tasks and projects that may have gone by the wayside. 

With GigaBook online appointment scheduling software, you can:

  • Create and send personalized emails and texts
  • Accept appointments and payment through your website
  • Update and sync with third-party calendars in real-time
  • Create, send and monitor invoices
  • Save time, money and resources

Sound too good to be true? See for yourself with a free, 14-day trial of GigaBook online appointment scheduling software and start discovering the many ways we can help you grow your business!