Alternatives To Rezdy

Online Appointment Scheduling Software Alternatives To Rezdy

Alternatives To RezdyAre you looking for an alternative to Rezdy online appointment scheduling software? We at GigaBook online booking software aren’t here to say anything bad; We just want you to know that we have the booking platform you need to become more efficient and save time, money and resources! 

  • Time Management

Using GigaBook online booking software, you can use your own website to accept and schedule appointments. It also allows clients to book themselves! As that happens, your calendar(s) are updated in real-time and synced with all third-party calendars (like Google Calendar and Outlook), instantly. This alleviates any risk of double-bookings and reduces no-show appointments, leaving you free to worry about other things than figuring out how to reschedule your time.

  • Personalized communications

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Build long-lasting client relationships with a platform built for your business. Through personalized messages, you can reach out to clients with upcoming birthdays, stay in touch with upcoming appointments, send marketing and promotional materials and increase your overall communication, leading to higher client satisfaction and more repeat/referral business. 

  • Finances

When it comes to redundant, daily office tasks, GigaBook online booking software will be a huge asset. Using GigaBook, you can create, send and monitor invoices. Automating many of these tasks leaves you and your staff free to complete other projects.

  • Finish projects step-by-step

Speaking of those projects, using the “Projects” function within GigaBook online booking software allows you to create checklists for current, future and completed projects. Also, you have the ability to assign separate tasks to specific personnel. It goes without saying, any assistance when trying to meet or exceed deadlines is appreciated, so let GigaBook be that help you need!

Let us know what you think! Give GigaBook online booking software a try with a free, 14-day trial and see how, and why, we can help your business continue to thrive and grow!