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Leasing Agent Online Appointment Booking Software


Apartment Leasing Agent Appointment SoftwareHave you ever been overwhelmed with people flooding your office all at once, then no one comes in the rest of the day? Residents who are want to pick up packages, gain access to the pool and other amenities. Then there are prospects who come in liking to tour the community and inquire about other information the community has to offer. With all of that going on, you still have to remain professional and courteous even though it can be stressful. Displaying a professional manner could result in the prospect potentially leasing the apartment and becoming your future resident. With online appointment booking, you will be able to spread out some of that traffic.

Try GigaBook’s Leasing Agent Appointment Software

When you accept online appointments, you will be able to focus and exert more focus on your current customers. GigaBook’s online appointment booking software lets you customize your appointment bookings. Through the widget tool, you are able to use your existing website. You can set reoccurring appointments with future prospects. This can help with touring, application process and the lease signing process. With GigaBook you can sync with other calendars ensuring appointments are never missed. You can send notification reminders to your prospects about their upcoming appointments. Online appointment booking will cut down on prospects have to wait in the office while you are on a current showing. You are able to notify your prospects of changes to the appointment if necessary.

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept online appointments with your existing website.
  • Send reminder notifications to your prospects.
  • Send reminders to you and your staff about appointments.
  • Track success rate of appointments.
  • Easily set reoccurring appointments.
  • Accept appointments 24/7.