Apartment Showings Appointment Booking Software

Appointment Booking Software Ideal for Use by Landlords and Property Managers

Apartment Showings Appointment Booking SoftwareDuring an apartment showing, the landlord or property manager will show a prospective tenant or tenants around the different rooms in the apartment unit, the facilities of the apartment complex, and the last step will be interviewing the potential tenant. An apartment showing can be scheduled into two types – the open house event or individual rental property visit.

With all the moving parts that go into every facet, things can become disorganized and overwhelming in a hurry. Add to that the amount of time takes to sift through emails, contact requests, phone calls, and the actual process of setting up the appointments, and it gets to be too much. With a software designed for apartment showing appointment bookings, much of this can be alleviated by giving the tenant the ability to take care of most of this themselves.

Try GigaBook’s Apartment Showings Appointment Booking Software

Whether you utilize open houses or individual rental property visit for your apartment showing, you still need an efficient appointment booking system to arrange and organize the scheduling of your showings to prospective tenants. You need a system that will prevent issues such as double-bookings and no-show appointments. The system should also simplify the scheduling process for potential tenants with different times of availability.

Those issues can be solved when you utilize GigaBook’s apartment showings appointment booking software. Our online software will allow you to miss fewer booking opportunities with prospective tenants and improve overall communications with them. You will also save time, money and resources while streamlining your appointment booking process.

With GigaBook’s apartment showings appointment booking software, it will be easy and quick for prospective tenants to schedule for their own appointments through your current website. They are able to see your real-time availability and book the most convenient date and time to visit your apartment, which leads to fewer no-show appointments.

Additionally, your GigaBook calendar syncs with third-party calendars – Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple iCal and Office 365. Real-time updates and syncing with third-party calendars mean your schedule is always maximizing your available time while avoiding double-bookings.

Our apartment showings appointment booking software also allows you to set up and send personalized email and text notifications and reminders to potential tenants. These features are great for recurring appointments set up with one or more clients. The reminders also keep clients in the loop and ensure they are aware of their upcoming appointments, which avoid any confusion about dates, times and locations. This allows you and your staff to make any necessary preparations before the clients visit your apartment.

With GigaBook’s apartment showings appointment booking software, you can:

  • Schedule and accept appointments through your own website. 
  • Allow self-serve client scheduling. 
  • Update and sync your personal calendar with third-party calendars.
  • Send personalized reminders and notifications. 
  • Increase efficiency. 
  • Improve communication with clients.
  • Do so much more!

Above are just a handful of ways GigaBook’s apartment showings appointment booking software can help your business become more efficient and operate more smoothly. Get started with a free, no-obligation 14-day trial and experience the many benefits it can offer your business.