Appliance Repair Appointment Software

Online appointment software ideal for appliance repair businesses

Appliance Repair Appointment SoftwareAppliance Repairmen operate important businesses.  When your washer and dryer breaks, or your dishwasher malfunctions, you call your repairman to get your appliances working so you can maintain a clean home and a balanced life.  But managing an Appliance Repair business these days requires more than just a knowledge of appliances.  Appliance repairmen must book appointments to repair items in house, or remove them for outside repair or replacement.  Appliance businesses manage employees and collect invoices and payments to create and manage their business successfully.

Subscribe to GigaBook.  It can accommodate your online booking 24 hours a day seven days a week.  If you have employees and associates that work with you or under you, you can use GigaBook’s to-do list so that daily tasks can be shared amongst your appliance repairmen.  Customize invoices and collect payments online at the time of booking using GigaBook via PayPal, Braintree, Stripe or  Using GigaBook you can itemize your services by types of appliances and manage Add-on products during the assessment of repair

Try GigaBook’s Appliance Repair Appointment Software 

GigaBook offers so many tools that can help your appliance repair business become more efficient!


  • Be available with online booking 24 hours a day.
  • Send text and email reminders for drop off or pick up of appliance items.
  • Collect deposits or payments online at time of booking.
  • Email customizable invoices and collect payments online.
  • Manage your client list online with automatic updates with all online bookings.
  • Create custom booking forms to gather all necessary information from clients prior to appointments.
  • Send email promotions with online promo codes to attract more business.
  • Use the to-do list with email reminders so you and any employees don’t forget their daily tasks that are due


Grow and cultivate your business with GigaBook today!