Appointment Calendars for Websites

Online appointment calendar applications for small, medium sized businesses

Daily CalendarOne of the best ways to gain some immediately efficiency and increased customer service is to offer online appointment calendars on your website. Giving customers the ability to schedule at their convenience at all hours is an exciting opportunity to create excess labor capacity and appeal to your customers. While the determination that online appointment scheduling is a great option is relatively easy, accomplishing this task might seem difficult. For most business owners, knowing where to even start is a huge hurdle to overcome before updating the scheduling process.

Fortunately, GigaBook offers an extremely simple solution to this issue. This software allows a business owner and staff members to input availability to an online calendar that references against what has already been marked as unavailable. GigaBook will provide coding for a customized booking widget that can be placed on an existing website and offer the ability to book online. The coding is generated from within the GigaBook account and easily copied. Once copied, the coding will just need to be input to your website. If additional assistance is needed to embed the coding to your website, just let our support staff know.

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It’s really that easy. Just in case we have not appropriately stated the benefits to allowing your customers to book online through a customized widget, let’s review these benefits below:

  • Save time by taking fewer appointments by phone
  • Expand the hours that a customer can book an appointment from your current hours of operations to 24/7
  • Use excess staff capacity to focus on additional activities that generate revenue


These are just a few benefits of allowing your customers to book appointments online. All it takes to get started is a free trial from GigaBook. Get yours today to transform your business into an online appointment calendar for the convenience of everyone!

Online Calendar for Websites

Display your availability via the calendar your new booking widget will add to your website!

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