Appointment Software for Accountants

Online appointment scheduler software ideal for accountants and bookkeeping businesses

Appointment Software for AccountantsAs an accountant, your business is keeping track of lots of stuff.  Wouldn’t it be nice if appointments no longer needed to be on that list?  The seasonal nature of tax season and all of the work needing to be completed before very strict deadlines means that every minute matters.  Through the use of appointment software and online booking you can allow your clients or future clients to schedule appointments with you through your existing website, or a variety of other options GigaBook provides you with.  Think about it, how much time would you save if you no longer had to answer questions about when you are available?

There are a lot of other reasons as to why you should be using appointment software in your accounting business.  Here are a few of the bigger ones.

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Increase Appointment Totals

When you make setting an appointment easy, then you are likely to receive more appointments.  Why? It is due to the fact that people take the path of least resistance.  Therefore, the fewer steps or needs when it comes to setting an appointment the better.  While you might not think requiring a client to call and schedule an appointment is a big deal, IT IS!  Much like yourself, your clients have busy lives too.  By the time they remember to call and schedule your office might already be closed.  However, appointment booking software will help you take appointments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Reduce No-Show Appointments

A successful appointment means an accountant and a client are necessary.  Missing either means missing revenue and opportunity. Using GigaBook is like having an online assistant.  Our software platform will automatically setup notifications and reminders for you, your staff and your clients, and do so based on the preferences that you set.  What is one additional appointment a month worth to you or your business?

The Modern Business World Requires Modern Solutions  

It’s a mobile and modern world.  If your accounting practice isn’t keeping up with that, well, it’s time to.  As an accountant, didn’t tax preparation software and other tools like that change your life and remove you from long form filling and filing?  Having your own appointment system will do the same.  Another important thing to consider is that your clients and future accounting clients not only want this kind of access, they expect it!  Your competition is likely already using online appointment scheduling, or are getting ready to.  That means you can either get ahead of your competition or at a minimum catch up with them.  Both sound like great ideas!

Run a More Efficient Accounting Practice

So much of what you do as an accountant relates to measuring, or tracking efficiency.  Do you follow your own advice at your own business? Use of appointment software creates efficiency not only with you but also with your staff.  The removal of the time needed to complete repetitive tasks that GigaBook’s appointment software for accountants can create is amazing.  On top of that, the things that CAN be automated are almost always the tasks that you and staff don’t really like doing anyway.  Now for the best part, you can use that time however you like, perhaps to create more revenue for your business, or maybe just for a few more minutes for yourself.  Both are things that you would most likely welcome.

Structure Your Workday and Client Flow

If your accounting business relies on walk-ins, why not at least try and structure some of that insanity.  By encouraging those headed to your shop to schedule an appointment online, you can at least begin to add some structure to your client and workflow.  Service the clients that had an appointment, then those waiting.  What you will find is that more and more clients will make appointments online if they feel it will reduce the potential wait time associated with their tax returns!

Online Appointment Software is Easy to Setup!

When you use Smart Start by GigaBook to set up your new online appointment platform, you can take appointments online just a few minutes later.  By simply asking you a few yes or no questions we then know exactly what else to ask in order to help you get your account set up.  The entire process only takes 5-10 minutes, don’t worry, we make it as painless as possible!

Those are some of the best reasons we can give you in regards to getting online appointment booking at your accounting practice.  There, of course, are a whole lot more, however, we know you are probably ready to get your free trial started and to explore all of the ways GigaBook can help you get more of your time back while also creating more profitable efficiency!

Matt DeCoursey