Appointment Software with SMS Reminders

Online appointment software complete with SMS notifications and reminders

Appointment Software with SMS RemindersEverybody has that client that never seems to make it to their appointment on-time or even at all.  Some of have the other problem, meaning a client waiting to receive some kind of service, or attend a meeting and you or your co-workers forgot about the appointment.  Fortunately, there is an easy answer to these problems.  When you use appointment software with SMS reminders, you can easily receive notification about upcoming appointments, meetings, group sessions and more.  In addition to reminders, appointment software like GigaBook will also send you SMS notifications if something changes, such as a rescheduled appointment or a cancellation.

Try GigaBook’s Appointment Software with SMS Reminders

You have a lot more to gain from using online appointment software at your business.  In addition to handy and timely text message reminders, you can also improve the overall efficiency of your business when you let your clients book appointments online.  Think of all of the time you can, and will save if you don’t have to have conversations about when you are available.

GigaBook offers a lot more than appointment software with SMS reminders.  You can also take payments with your bookings, send invoices with payment links, share calendars that sync with other calendars like Google, Microsoft Outlook, and iCal. You can also sync your invoices with QuickBooks!

There is one last reason to use appointment software with SMS reminders! Are you ready?  You can actually sell more and spend less!  That’s right, no joke there!  It really can happen!  You have a strong chance of increasing your online appointments, then at the same time reducing your operating costs by no longer needing to perform so many repetitive and redundant tasks!