Art Gallery Appointment Booking Software

Online appointment and availability software great for Art Gallery businesses

Art Gallery Appointment Booking SoftwareOwning or managing an art gallery takes a lot of organization, patience, and connections. You are probably moving around a lot working with buyers at home or work sites, working with artists, or even promotions. Because you are out of the office a lot, your office is open to the public by appointment only. And while you are out doing your job, answering yet another phone call to book these appointments seems to be more of an inconvenience these days, even if it is important to keep your business going.

Now you don’t have to answer those calls, as GigaBook will book all of your appointments online for you. GigaBook is a cloud-based appointment-booking platform that can be accessed through any phone, tablet, or computer. Your GigaBook booking service will plug right onto your existing website (or you can set up a webpage with us if needed), and your buyers and sellers can book your pre-set available office times at their own convenience, as the internet never closes.

 Try GigaBook’s Art Gallery Appointment Booking Software

GigaBook offers advantageous features to help build your business, such as:

  • Automated text and email reminders to lower the number of no-shows
  • Clients can book you at their convenience 24 hours a day, no more phone tag or unavailable hours for phone calls
  • Sync your GigaBook calendar with your current online calendar for quick set-up
  • Your GigaBook dashboard automatically saves client info from time of booking for future reference and promotions
  • A built-in To Do list feature to help keep your business and personal life organized


GigaBook is also very customizable to fit the style and personality of your website. You can make the customization as simple as choosing your colors to match, or to more advanced set-up like asking specific questions needed for completion of booking. Check out GigaBook today, and you’ll wonder how you survived this long without it.