Attorney Appointment Scheduling Software

Onilne appointment scheduling application ideal for attorneys, lawyers and legal professionals

Attorney Appointment Scheduling SoftwareOne of the most needed professions in the world is an attorney position. At some point, EVERYONE will need legal help; whether it is contacting a lawyer for tickets or living a completely law abiding life and needing to set up a will. It really is inevitable that someone will always need you. From doing your work and meeting with clients all day, then doing extra research to make yourself better as an attorney, there really is no extra time for anything else allocated for work. You may find yourself at three different courthouses in a day while still trying to complete your other daily activities, it seems there there could be a better way…

Even though there is a lot of stress in your law career, you still love it. You love the action or the debating or challenge, or even all of it! You became an attorney for a reason, and you still see a results of that everyday. Its really hard to do what you love though when you have to do all of the administrative and secretarial work associated with your law business as well. When it seems like there could be a better way, there is. We have created GigaBook so that you can get back to being an attorney and do what you love. We don’t want you to have to be your own secretary after you just went to law school for an extra 3 years, we want to help you do what you do the most. With GigaBook’s online booking software platform, you can begin to take online appointments in real-time through your current website. If you don’t have a website to take bookings; thats fine, we offer you a free booking site that you can give to your clients so that they can book with you through that!

Try GigaBook’s Attorney Appointment Scheduling Software

With GigaBook’s Online Appointment Software, you can:

  • No longer spend hours trying to book appointments over the phone, but allow clients to book with you online
  • Allow automated emails and text messages to be sent to your clients as reminders about there appointments with you
  • Send the same emails or text messages to yourself so you can always be reminded as well

The following benefits can be experienced with the use of effective appointment and calendar management:

  • Since you will not be spending nearly as much time on scheduling, you will see rising revenue better time management
  • No-shows will decrease and your conversion rate will increase
  • You will have better communication with your clients due to reminders