Automotive Mechanic Appointment Software

Online Automotive Mechanic Appointment Booking Software


Automotive Mechanic Appointment SoftwareMost of the time, cars break down when people least expect it. Sometimes the problems are easy to fix, while others can be time-consuming. Customers want to make sure their car is in good hands when they leave it at the mechanic shop. Having a great reputation can lead to repeat customers for the future. If the phone is constantly ringing but no one is there to answer it, due to working with a customer or working on a car, it can be frustrating to the customer on the phone. It’s not because you don’t want to answer it but because you can only do so much at one. Customers have become accustomed to instant service and when they don’t receive it, negative reviews may come up. Imagine where a customer is able to schedule appointments for their vehicle with just a few clicks. No phone calls to the shop and the customer can leave their vehicle at the scheduled time. Online appointment booking software can do just that for you.

Try GigaBook’s Automotive Mechanic Software

When your shop has the ability to schedule online appointments, customers easily schedule the type of service they would like and drop off their vehicle at the scheduled time. GigaBook gives you the flexibility to create a booking widget that can be integrated into your existing website, that you can accept appointments through.You have the capability to send text and email notification reminders to your clients about their scheduled appointments. By creating a to-do list within GigaBook, you can set tasks to associates for the day. When unexpected events come up, customers and you can reschedule appointments easily. GigaBook acts as your personal assistant, accepting appointments 24/7 for your mechanic shop!

With GigaBook Online Appointment Software you can:

  • Accept appointments using your existing website.
  • Send Notification reminders to clients and staff about appointments.
  • Easily reschedule appointments if necessary.
  • Set a to-do list for staff members.